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All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
The simple answer is we do not do it. Under any circumstances. The mug shots published here are a record of arrests, not convictions, and our disclaimers could not be any more clear: The suspects here are innocent until they are otherwise proven in a court of law.


  • Can you remove my mug because my case was dismissed? No. The mugshots here are a record of arrests, not convictions. Your case being dismissed does not change the fact that you were arrested.
  • Can you remove my mug if I pay you? No. There are some unscrupulous sites and papers out there that will remove or not publish your mugshot if you pay them a large amount of money. In our minds, this is extortion, and we do not accept money to not publish or remove mugshots. If you hear someone saying we do, we would like to know about it so we can set the record straight. We get calls nearly every day offering money in exchange for removal or non-publication of a mug, and we refuse all those offers.
  • My job is going to fire me because my mug is on here Unfortunately, Oklahoma is a right-to-work and at-will employment state, which simply means employers have all power and can fire you at will for any cause. If your employer uses your mugshot on our site as a pretense to fire you, they're a horrible employer and you're probably better off — not to mention that if they use your mug as a pretense, they were probably looking for a reason anyway. Mug shots are public record, as are arrest records. We are not the only publication that publishes mugs, nor are we the only publication that publishes arrest records. If your employer is using your arrest as a pretense to fire you, you should contact your legislators about changing employment law in Oklahoma to protect employees against arbitrary and punitive actions by employers.